The flying elephant.

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Fujin  God of the Wind by Kawanabe Kyosai

Robert Motherwell - Untitled (Samurai), 1973
acrylic on paper
35 1/2 × 18 1/4 in / 90.2 × 46.4 cm

Gimme Some (edited Album Cover) by Peter Bjorn and John 

I don’t know shit about photography, but the person who took this shot must be given the highest award of them all.

this is breathtaking

This is now one of my top three favorite photos of all time. 

NOVA April 1973 by Harri Peccinotti


"We’ve all selected the wrong partners, all gotten hurt, and hopefully all moved on wiser for the experience. But there are those who, even in the face of constant disappointment, continue to believe that the intensity of their desire will be rewarded by an eventual jackpot of affection. And if that’s the slot machine you’re playing, friend, you’d better leave the casino ‘cause that one don’t pay out"
-Paul Dini

BATMAN: MAD LOVE (Feb. 1994)
Art by Bruce Timm & Rick Taylor
Words by Paul Dini

(via jailor)


The Cup in Benjamin’s Sack
Jacopo Amigoni, c. 1749

Portrait of a Youth Crowned with Flowers, 1490, Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio